Our latest project – the provision of an information board at Hornsea bridge is now in place


Hidden Railway Carriage

railway carriage


Hornsea Civic Society given rare treat to tour this house.

Whilst the railway was running to Hornsea some people took advantage of the sale of redundant railway carriages, that were transported by rail to Hornsea Station, where they were lifted off their wheels and transported to site.

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Tracking Hedgehogs

Tracking Hedgehogs

Some of you may not be aware that Hornsea Civic society not only work with all things historical in the area, but as part of their objectives is to care for our environment. click the link to see more Hedgehogs


Heritage Day 2016

Heritage Day 2016

Heritage Day The sun shone on Hornsea Civic society on 1th September as 2 local sites, usually closed to the public opened up. click the link to see more   Heritage Open day 2016



Fair Place, Mereside, Hornsea

Bring Back Hornsea Mere! Way back in 1275, Edward I had granted a royal charter to hold fairs alongside the mere which became known as Fair Place. click the link to see more  Fair Place


Smith & Nephew – The Hornsea Connection

It is a little-known fact in Hornsea, that there is a very strong local connection with the Hull Company Smith & Nephew. click the link to see more    Smith and Nephew